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Two-floor pull out system

Ford Ranger - custom built-in for riverine police.

Two-floor pull out system to make the most of the truck bed.


Available for any type of pickup truck!


Navaho truck bed storage system for Nissan Navara

Navaho truck bed storage system now ready for the new Nissa Navara


FOR SALE - Tatra 815

Tatra 815-6, 6x6 with cummins engine, automatic transmission Twin disk.


Box body workshops

Workshops in truck body additions

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Do you have an unused addition on your truck or chassis and do you need to provide quality servicing to your customers or during on-site work? The solution is either the rental of a maintenance vehicle or additions to your truck. Our professionals at ALFAVARIA TOOLS will install a mobile workshop in its addition with everything you need for work.


Showcase: Custom container workshops

Workshops in truck body additions
Workshops in truck body additions
Workshops in truck body additions
Workshops in truck body additions

Quick availability in remote locations


Remote and difficult to access locations have become trouble-free destinations thanks to the resilience of trucks. As such, you can provide your customers with maximum and speedy service. We will install the mobile workshop in your existing box body or manufacture it to your specifications and install the entire body onto your vehicle including its full equipment.


Workshop for your addition or a complete solution from us


We adjust the addition to your truck’s chassis. We can also provide you with complete solution, which include truck chassis – for example, Tatra models. You only need to provide us with your vision. We first prepare a draft proposal, which we later tweak together. Your satisfaction is our goal.


Advantages of a mobile workshop in a truck addition

Our team of ALFAVARIA TOOLS specialists have many years of experience with designing and implementing mobile custom ordered workshops. Why should you choose us?


  • Each customer is unique; we use a similar approach in accommodating his/her wishers and proposing individual solutions.
  • We provide complete mobile workshops for truck additions, including on-vehicle installation.
  • We can also provide you with a suitable chassis – truck – and provide you, as such, with a complete solution.
  • We will install the workshop in any body dimensions, eventually deliver including a custom-made addition.
  • Since the workshop always remains on the chassis, we provide access through stairs, boarding platforms, or various other lifting devices.


Equipment based on your field of interest


  • We incorporate all of your wishes during implementation, providing that they are possible.
  • We design the workshop according to the method of use and customer’s field of interest.
  • We utilize many years of experience in suppliying tools to the industrial sector.
  • We equip constructed mobile workshops with top of the line and tested instruments, tools, and technical equipment.
  • We guarantee accuracy of technical implementation and quality of used materials, tools, and equipment.
  • We only cooperate with verified suppliers of workshop equipment and tools.
  • We place great emphasis on ergonomics, ease of use, and immediate accessibility of integrated components.
  • We integrate mobile workshops into your body from only a single piece and ensure that a competitive price is constantly maintained.
  • We are open to resolving any of your requests. In terms of implementable technical equipment, we try our best to accommodate all of your wishes.
  • Our work is our hobby; we would like to spoil you.
  • If you desire quality at a reasonable price, turn to us.

Modifications of truck additions according to your wishes

We built mobile workshops into truck bodies based on your demands. We equip it with technical devices and tools according to your wishes. We adjust the design of the mobile workshop to the operating conditions; it depends on the field of business and where the truck with mobile workshop will most often operate.

A few examples of custom modifications of the truck addition workshop


  • Installation of windows and doors
  • Air conditioning addition, ventilation, heating
  • Anti-noise and thermal insulation
  • Floor design per request
  • Installation of internal or external illumination and electrical installation
  • Special colour design (for example masking or advertising coat)
  • Integration of an independent electrical generator


Workshop installed in a truck body is always firmly attached to the vehicle. Its installation or removal is more time demanding. If you need to handle the mobile workshop or use the truck for other purposes, please review our offer of custom-made container workshops, which are specially designed for frequent relocation.

Internal equipment options of the workshop installed in the truck addition


  • Professional hand, electrical, and pneumatic tools, which are located in modules and protected against damage during vehicle transport.
  • Workshop furniture, workshop trolleys
  • Laden shelving units, storage cabinets
  • Work tables and panels – we fasten all
  • Compressor station, welding kits, floor drills, lathes
  • Workbenches, pressure washers, cleaning tables, and other equipment
  • Mobile chairs, pullers, winches, small fasteners


Contact us and ask about our price offer at no obligation. Send us your inquiry and enjoy all the benefits we provide to our customers. We look forward to serving you and to fulfilling your wishes.


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