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Two-floor pull out system

Ford Ranger - custom built-in for riverine police.

Two-floor pull out system to make the most of the truck bed.


Available for any type of pickup truck!


Navaho truck bed storage system for Nissan Navara

Navaho truck bed storage system now ready for the new Nissa Navara


FOR SALE - Tatra 815

Tatra 815-6, 6x6 with cummins engine, automatic transmission Twin disk.


Built-in car systems

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Does your profession keep you on the go all the time? And do you need to carry all of your tools and equipment in the vehicle with you? Then you might be thinking how to better organize the cargo space of your vehicle. To improve organization, safety and order of the transported material and safe the most important – your time. Solution? We offer quality, light and yet robust vehicle built-ins 100% made of aluminum for any size and type of vehicle.

Our work:

Navaho truck bed storage system

For more information on Navaho truck bed storage system visit

Service vehicles




Postal deliveries

Postal deliveries



VW Caddy floor

VW Caddy floor

VW Caddy floor

VW Caddy floor




Built-in systems for craftsmen and even cake deliveries


We meet the demands of professionals from practically every possible sphere. Your car is a challenge for us. Are you gasmen, electricians, heating engineers, do you secure servicing for your customers or do you drive to installations or deliver cakes to hotels, perhaps? We provide solutions for each field of business. We will custom modify your car and install utility and storage area in it.


Our specialists will modify vehicles for firemen, policemen, and emergency services.  Turn to us, and we will gladly fulfil your request. We install aluminium built-in systems into cars of all types and sizes.


Professional quality for an attractive price


Even though only professionally modified vehicles leave our shop, whose space we fine-tune to the very last detail, we still provide affordable prices. Read about the benefits provided by ALFAVARIA TOOLS solutions.


Built-in aluminium systems – detailed work in every aspect


  • Our built-in systems are made of 100% aluminium; as such, they are lightweight, which provides higher payload of the vehicle
  • We use the maximum usable capacity, providing you with more space
  • Aluminium is corrosion resistant, has high stability and strength
  • We respect the novel design of natural aluminium’s appearance.
  • Aluminium internals have an extremely long life
  • They are removable and can be re-installed in a different vehicle
  • We have a large selection of individual components
  • There is a wide range of accessories available for various professions and trades
  • We install internals into cars of all sizes
  • The space saved provides excellent access to stored materials
  • Your safety is a priority for us, the stored load is perfectly fastened
  • We pay attention to professional appearance and superior quality of internals
  • We enjoy our work, your satisfaction is our goal


Built-in car systems – large selection of dimensions and designs


We construct individual aluminium modules to precisely fit your vehicle. When planning and preparing designs, you can select from many design heights, depths, and widths of fields. Each internal as such is a true original, made exactly to your demands. Discover the possible combinations.


  • 13 types of construction heights: from 250 to 1350 mm
  • 5 designs of construction depths: 250 mm, 320 mm, 420 mm, 520 mm, 735 mm
  • 6 options of field construction widths: 360 mm, 460 mm, 705 mm, 950 mm, 1195 mm, 1440 mm


An extensive range of accessories – large variety of use


A broad selection of accessories helps you to convert your internal into a functional and safe work place.


Select from a rich offer of accessories


  • Removable aluminium cargo space with optional internal division
  • Double floor, which multiplies vehicle storage space
  • Safety floor
  • Coating of vehicle internal walls
  • Hinged doors for through tray
  • Trough tray dividers
  • Storage boxes made from resistant plastic for drawers and aluminium boots
  • Drawer and shelf dividers
  • Slip-resistant pad for shelves, drawers, and aluminium cases
  • Polypropylene storage boxes for rack shelves
  • Transporting plastic cases for small material
  • Hose holders
  • Tilting workbench for vices, vice sliding bracket
  • Various sizes of drawers
  • Clamping strips, fastening components
  • Aluminium telescopic support rods
  • Wall hooks
  • Tool and instrument holders


We will equip your vehicle space at your request with furniture made from aluminium or sheet metal. We recommend an aluminium version to decrease the weight, and to increase the variability and resistance. If you are interested in comparing the two alternatives, contact us.


ALFAVARIA TOOLS built-in car systems for every field


Professionals from many branches appreciate the comfort of our built-in systems. They are suitable for all small as well as large-scale vehicles. If your demands are stringent and you use a larger truck, also review our offer of truck additions or custom container workshops.


Our internals have been used extensively by:


  • Gasmen, electricians, heating engineers
  • Experts in the fields of sanitation, weather, and solar power equipment
  • Firemen, policemen, emergency rescue teams
  • Breakdown services, tow trucks
  • Assembly and installation firms
  • Road administrators and maintenance workers
  • Mobile repair shops
  • Medical equipment and machine service centres
  • Window and door installation specialists, joiners
  • Painters
  • Veterinarians
  • Blacksmiths and chimney sweeps
  • Measuring laboratories
  • Auxiliary vehicles for racing teams
  • Catering companies
  • Demonstration vehicles


Contact us and ask about our price offer at no obligation. Send us your inquiry and take advantage of all the benefits that we provide our customers. We look forward to serving you and to fulfilling your wishes.


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