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Specialized container workshops for oil platforms

Production platforms

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Container workshops installed in specially modified offshore containers for use in oil drilling platforms


The harsh environment of oil platforms places high demands on resistance and safety of all applied equipment and components of the entire complex. Even for this extreme application, ALFAVARIA TOOLS provides modified container mobile workshops, which provide workers with full servicing options. We integrate container mobile workshops in special offshore containers according to standard DNV 2.7 – 1 from non-sparking material. We consult the draft design and implementation of the workshop for oil platforms with you, and try to meet all of your needs and wishes.



Independent workshop or integration among other platform components


The mobile workshop can stand independently on free space of the oil drilling platform. We can modify it upon request to integrate it among existing structures – for example offices, tool stocks, employee drilling platform facilities. A large advantage is the option of immediate transfer of the container workshop to another platform. Thanks to the standardized dimensions of the container, you can quickly transport a modified workshop by boat or helicopter. After relocating it to a new location, the container workshop is immediately ready to fulfill its function, perhaps even at the opposite side of the globe.

Discover the option of including a container workshop among your drilling platform existing structures.


Benefits and potential uses of mobile container workshops designed for drilling platforms:


  • Repairs and maintenance of drilling platforms, equipment, and drilling machinery.
  • Fully operational workstation for use even in the harshest conditions in any climactic zone, may be used for fixed, mobile, semi-submersible and Jack-up platforms, but also as needed for maintaining and repairing drilling systems on ships.
  • Design in special containers according to standard DNV 2.7-1 from non-sparking materials.
  • Standard container sizes are 12“x 8“x 8“, 10“ x 8“ x 8“ or 6“ x 6“ x 8“.


What custom-built mobile workshops for drilling platforms contain

We will install the workshop into a special offshore shipping container according to standard DNV 2.7 – 1, made from non-sparking materials. All of the other applied parts are made from them. Interior equipment and modifications of containers meet the strictest standards and subject to your demands.

Among common adjustments and modifications are wiring, air conditioning, heating, and insulation. We naturally light the workshop through positioning of windows, door, and installation of external and internal lighting. You can select its colour, both of the exterior as well as interior – for example to match your corporate or safety colours including your company logo.

Look at the list of many other possible modifications of container workshops.


Professional tools at affordable prices


Mobile workshops are equipped with a wide assortment of tools. We adjust them to the special needs of workers on a drilling platform. We include hand, electrical, as well as pneumatic tools in the workshop, per your request.

View the internal equipment options.

An important factor when designing container workshops for servicing work on drilling platforms is also the safety of stored materials. We primarily pay attention to safeguarding worker safety when using the workshop, while considering ergonomics.


Your safety comes first


We complement the workshops with high quality professional workshop furniture with many safety features, for example with drawers that extend 100% as well as stops to prevent accidental ejection. Mobile workshops contain modules for safe placement of material, shelf components with hinged stops. All used components comply with strict norms and standards and are made from non-sparking materials.

Review the comprehensive overview and workshop furniture options.


Why select a custom-order workshop for drilling platforms from ALFAVARIA TOOLS


  • We design individual solutions for each customer, which we consult with you.
  • We take care of complete servicing.
  • We train the operating personnel how to fully use the advantages of a mobile workshop, we train your workers.
  • Our long-standing experience with delivering tools and workshop equipment for industrial production makes us uniquely qualified for proposing suitable tools and equipment.
  • We enjoy our work, and your satisfaction is our goal.


Contact us and ask about our price offer at no obligation. Send us your inquiry and take advantage of all the benefits that we provide our customers. We look forward to serving you and to fulfilling your wishes.


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